"No other material can match natural wood for strength and beauty"

Sub-Saharan Africa in general and Southern Africa in particular are blessed with a huge variety of beautiful woods, usually with highly contrasting heartwood and sapwood colours.


Many of these woods, because of the shape of the trees, accessibility, appearance and workability make them unattractive to the commercial lumber trade. Fine grained woods like Camel Thorn, Mopane, Wild Olive and Hardekool are thus often relegated to the barbecue or charcoal burners and yet when turned on the lathe and polished, produce beautiful pieces.

I thus try to obtain my woods from renewable sources and look out for dead or burnt trees rather than add to the world's deforestation problems.

After cutting and selection, the wood is stacked to season and the turning work is kept fairly simple to allow the natural beauty of the wood to speak for itself.

No two pieces of indigenous African wood will ever look the same.  Each of my pepper grinders is thus individually crafted and no attempt is ever made to mass produce copies.

Each pepper grinder is supplied with a label which gives instructions which also gives the Latin name of the wood and how the wood and the grinder should be treated to give prolonged life and use.


African Blackwood
(Dalbergia Melanoxylon)